Our Services

Import Clearance and Export Services:

We effect timely and cost efficient import and export clearance services for both air and sea. Our lead time is three to five working days for air clearance with complete documents while the sea is five to seven working days all things being equal.

Packing and Removals/Relocation:

Expedite Movers specializes in professional handling of Packing and Removals  as well as Relocation of customer’s office equipments, personal effects, item samples industrial and commercial goods from depot  or house to any location of your choice.

We provide this service using special packaging materials to ensure safety of sensitive items/equipments. The relocation is done with GIT insurance covered vehicles which provide additional comfort to our customers.

Repair and Return Services

This service caters for the repair and return of all your machinery to and from any part of the world at a reasonable rate and timely too.


This is the movement or distribution of your materials, goods or office equipments from one office or location to other throughout Nigeria. This is done with our Goods In Transit insurance covered vehicles.

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